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Terms and conditions

Please be aware that we can only sell deactivated weapons, inert ordnance and edged weapons to people who are over 18 years of age. Replicas and Blank Firers are sold according to the VCR Act. By agreeing to our terms and conditions when ordering, you are stating that it is legal for you to purchase replicas or blank firers under the terms of the VCR Act. This also applies to any UK law pertaining to deactivated weapons or inert ordnance. For edged weapons, we require that you email us a copy of your passport or driving licence. Also, any comments or statements you may enter into the customer comments box are taken as a signed statement of fact. Airsoft guns can only be ordered by other retailers, UKARA Members, Crown Servants, Theatre or Film Groups / Suppliers, or under the VCR Act. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are stating that it is legal for you to purchase airsofts under the terms of the VCR Act. 

From 12/12/19, and under the new UK Firearms Regulations 2019, D and B Militaria has a legal requirement to notify the Home Office of any sales of deactivated firearms that are deactivated to the latest EU specification (EU Spec 2018/337): This notification includes the purchaser's name and address, along with the make, calibre, and serial number of the deactivated firearm being transferred. By purchasing from us, you agree to us sharing this information as required by law. There is no requirement to send a further notification of possession, as this will be covered by the notification we send (see point 29 of the above linked document). If in future you transfer this deactivated firearm, you will need to complete a notification. Forms for this are available here:

Minimum order value to EU countries of €150. Unfortunately, the EU has now made it impossible (From 01/07/21) for UK business to send goods to EU countries with a value less than €150, without charging us 22% of the value and extra paperwork (IOSS). We are happy to post items to the European Union and European Economic Area. We cannot send deactivated weapons of any kind, component parts, inert ordnance, magazines, or any edged weapons outside of the UK. Period. However, we can send certain items outside of the UK, if you have the correct licencing or written special permissions. As it states on our website, we cannot accept PayPal for any weapons, parts, accessories, or inert ammunition. For all foreign orders, please contact us first.

Foreign orders must be paid by bank transfer only, no exceptions. Upon ordering online, you will also need to include your Tax/VAT/PID/NIE/AHV/AVS number in the customer notes section of the order form. Without this, we cannot process your order. Mistaken foreign bank transfers for orders less than €150 will be subject to a minimum £15 admin and non UK BACS fee. Mistaken foreign card payments will be subject to a minimum 5% (USA - 7%) charge. UK based couriers will not insure items  leaving the UK. If you are willing to order the item and pay by bank transfer, then we are happy to send them to you. However, it will be sent normal mail and at your own risk. It will need a signature, but will not be insured. Any import fees pending in the buyers country must be paid in full by the customer. Failure to pay these charges may result in the return of goods or seizure. Any losses incurred will be the customers responsibility. If you do want to do this, let us know and we will send you details. The customer is wholly responsible for checking local laws of their country of residence when ordering any items offered for sale. D and B Militaria shall not be held responsible for any items seized or confiscated by your countries Customs or law enforcement organisations, or any penalties received for ordering restricted items under your country of residence's laws, or any charges incurred for any of the above reasons. Items are only tracked until they leave the UK.

For shipping prices outside the UK please contact us. Please also note that for small item orders to Northern England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we may need to charge extra P+P, as we are forced to use Parcelforce to prevent shipping by air via Royal Mail. We also reserve the right to charge more for multi item orders, as the system does not always pick this up. Please contact us if in doubt. There may be a delay in receiving your order until the correct P+P is settled.

When your parcel arrives, it is the responsibility of the person signing for the package to ensure that the item(s) are not damaged. If the driver has to wait for you to check, that is fine. There is an option on the screen that says that if the goods are damaged upon delivery that you will not accept them. Please be certain that everything is in good order before you sign for your goods, as any damages cannot be claimed back once you have signed to state that they are in good order.

Please note that all deactivated weapons sold by D & B Militaria are in compliance with UK law. All goods sold by D & B Militaria are second hand items, unless stated in the description. If we do not have the item ordered, then we reserve the right to send another one. If the serial number in the description has a letter code, and not the last four digits of the gun in the pictures, then it is a batch item, and you will not receive the gun pictured. Please note that weapon accessories are sold as militaria items and are not intended for sporting use and their reliability/ suitability for live firing is in no way guaranteed.

We are happy to take part payments on goods specially ordered for clients, at their request, if not already in stock. If, for any reason, once the goods are ordered, you cannot pay the remainder of the outstanding amount in a timely fashion, we reserve the right to keep all monies previously paid and sell the goods on to recover costs.

Please note that all discount codes and special offers are based on total original goods value only. Special offers do not apply to items on a deposit/layaway plan.

Please note that D and B Militaria will not be responsible for the misuse of Airsoft's or Replicas. This includes rough handling, the wrong gas or "I tried to take it apart, and now it won't work" type of enquiry. If uncertain - don't do it. Seek professional advice. They do not come with any guarantees or warranty from the manufacturers or us. They are not delicate, but neither are they real guns. Replicas are not designed for repeated handling.  They are display items and any breakage is the sole fault of the buyer.

If you do require a refund, we do ask that the item is returned within fourteen days of purchase, in the condition it was received, whereupon a refund will be issued (less P+P and any admin fees, including credit card costs of up to 5%) if the item is in as sent condition.  Card payment refund costs, which are outside of our control, may also apply to orders not yet sent or refunded. All items are second hand, unless stated in the title or description.

By agreeing to these terms, the customer agrees that D and B Militaria Ltd. may retain their personal data for accurate record keeping and company email marketing only. For RFD's the firearms Act and Home Office guidance supersedes the GDPR Act in some respects: GDPR Act 2018, Article 6 (1C): Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject. RFD's may keep data for 30 years.

These terms and conditions apply to all customers, clients and other dealers. They cover all agreements entered into. Be they verbal, by telephone or online transactions.

A proforma or invoice sent, once part paid, is considered a binding contract.

Please note:  Once you click the tick box in order to proceed with your order, stating that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions. You are thereby agreeing that you understand it is legally binding and is the same as a written signature. This is referred to legally as a `clickwrap'.

Photo ID may be requested to order certain products. D & B Militaria retains the right to refuse a sale at our discretion, for any reason whatsoever. This supersedes all other terms and conditions above.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.