Call us: 01342 837 766 or 07782 188138

Call us: 01342 837 766 or 07782 188138

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Have you Ever Wanted to Have a Go at Shooting Full Auto Guns for Real?



D and B Militaria have Teamed Up with Former Royal Marine and Polish Special Forces Operators to Offer You an Exclusive, One Day, Full Auto Weapons Shoot, right in the heart of Europe.

You will Receive Full Expert Instruction at a Police Range in Warsaw, the Capital of Poland.

  You will Experience Firing the Following Weapons: 

Maxim HMG,  RPD LMG,  Thompson SMG,  PPSH-41 SMG,  Sten MKII SMG,  Uzi SMG,  Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, M1 Garand,  Lee Enfield Rifle,  Mauser K98 Rifle,  Luger,  Walther P38,  Colt M1911,  Browning High Power, TT33 Tokarev,  and Glock Pistols.

  The cost of £995 will include the following:

Flights from London, Booking Fees, Transfers to and from the Range, All Weapons Hire, Ammunition, and Instruction, Food and Drink - Polish Military Style!


For more details please contact us by phone or email and ask for Barry


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