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Deactivated Colt 1902 Pistol

Deactivated Colt 1902 Pistol
Deactivated Super Rare Colt 1902 Military Model .38ACP Pistol. 1915 dated and in excellent deactivated condition. The Colt 1902 was an evolution of the earlier Model 1900 and was a step on the ladder to what would eventually become the world renowned M1911. The 1902 was introduced in 1902 and stayed in production until 1928. Only 43,000 were ever made and they were largely never really encountered in Europe. They paved the way in America in allowing the semi-automatic pistol to gain favour with the general public and military. They also were bought by the Mexican army and many saw service with American police and government agencies. They were a reliable, well made design and it was really the cartridge that eventually let them down in the semi-automatic arms race at the turn of the century. All deactivated weapons sold by D and B Militaria are deactivated in the United Kingdom and hold London or Birmingham proof marks and a certificate stating that the weapon has been deactivated correctly and is legal within the U.K.
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