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GHK AKM Gas Blowback Assault Rifle **

GHK AKM Gas Blowback Assault Rifle **
 GHK AKM 6mm Gas Blowback Assault Rifle, new in box.   These excellent guns are the same weight and feel as the real thing and operates in exactly the same way. Load the magazine with 6mm ammo and gas, insert the mag, cock the action, select your fire mode, and let rip. It even strips down exactly like the real thing It is semi-automatic or full auto at 750 rpm and the bolt goes back and forth with each shot. It feels like a 22LR rifle when a shot is fired. Very, very cool and is an exact replica in every way, even the frame markings. Comes with mag loader and full instruction manual.   The kalashnikov is the most widely used weapon in the world.  To date they estimate that close to 120 million have been produced in various countries, with China being the largest manufacturer.  These guns are legendary for their utter reliability in any conditions and their ability to take abuse that would destroy most other rifles.  Ask any special forces soldier in any army what is the best assault rifle on the planet and the answer will be the Kalashnikov, 9 times out of 10.  NASA have even gon on record to say that if they had to send an astronaut to an alien planet and did not know what to expect, they would give him a Kalashnikov!  Can only be ordered by UKARA/ UKAPU Members, Members of HM Armed forces/ Police or under the VCR Act. 

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